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Tensile, impact, fracture, compression, bend and hardness testing services
Mechanical testing services

Mechanical testing services

Mechanical testing encompasses a range of tests that measure the properties of a material by observing how it reacts to a force being applied to it.  Mechanical testing is crucial to ensure a component complies with specification requirements and is safe, of compliant quality and fit for purpose.

The Test House is able to test a wide range of material types, shapes and sizes, either using our existing equipment or through the manufacture of a bespoke jig. Our custom-build serviceenables us to offer highly specialised testing that exactly matches the requirements of our clients. 

Case study: dynamic and static tests of safety devices

Supported by a well-equipped, dedicated machine shop for manufacture of test specimens and fixtures, mechanical testing services offered include:

Tensile – we provide proof load testing in tensioncompression and shear . Tensile and compression testing uses test machines of 100kN and 600kN capacity.

Impact – these tests measure the toughness and impact resistance of a material. We offer Charpy testing to BS EN ISO 148-1 and ASTM E23.

Bend – this type of test measures ductility. We are able to perform three-point flexural tests on components.

Hardness – this type of test measures a material’s resistance to a compressive force. We provide Vickers (low-load at 0.2, 0.5 and 1kg; standard at 5, 10 and 30kg); Rockwell  HRB and HRC; and Brinell 1/30 HB tests.

Weld procedure and welder qualification – to international standards and client specifications.

The Test House offers a welding procedure service to clients, ensuring that the invigilation of welders during their weld procedure qualifications meet the specified international and client-specific standards.

These qualifications can be tested against EN, ISO, ASME and other international standards.
Qualification test pieces are then put through visual examination, non-destructive and mechanical testing to validate the weld procedure qualification and welder qualifications tests

The Test House also offers reverse engineering services including chemical analysis and determination of mechanical properties.  Using this methodology we can identify suitable metal grades or suggest alternatives for each applications.