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Digital Radiography
Digital Radiography Services

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography can be performed on components of varying sizes - from large diameter pipes to small welds, forgings, and castings. These tests can be conducted to test for weld defects and failures, the internal structure of materials and other anomalies.

Advantages of the digital radiography process over conventional radiography include the speed of set-up, automated inspection and the fast acquisition of X-ray images. 

Digital radiography also allows for a reduced inspection time, since chemical film processing is not required, while the lack of chemical processing also creates a safer working environment. Digital radiography also allows for improved detail detectability and immediate analysis and defect recognition.

The X-ray images can be annotated, enhanced, highlighted and cropped, as well as having any defects measured digitally before the results are sent to the customer. The plates can be stored digitally and added to reports and sent anywhere in the world immediately.

Our facility is not only used to investigate welding failures, but can also be used for welder tests and qualifications and expert witness verification.

Our highly skilled technicians are able to conduct bespoke tests in order to provide testing documentation, result interpretation and advice to service users.