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Computer Numerical Control machining capacity
CNC machine capability

Computer Numerical Control machining capacity

The Test House includes an integrated machine shop dedicated to the manufacture of test specimens and components. 

This manufacturing capability includes a multiple axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling centre, allowing for the contract machining and manufacture of bespoke prototypes in a variety of materials.

The CNC area includes both milling and turning capabilities, as well as CNC wire and plate electrical discharge machining. This allows for the exact manufacture of a variety of components and test specimens on-site.

Small volume in-house manufacturing work is undertaken for TWI as well as outside clients, working to precise specifications in compliance with the relevant international standards.

As a result, we can undertake component testing for specific types of stress, while also being able to engineer a solution. 

The CNC area has provided custom-made parts for companies around the world, allowing us to complete hundreds of experiments and tests on fixtures, fittings and one-off custom-made components.

Test House CNC equipment/capabilities:

The current milling capacity is up to 1500x1000x700mm.

The maximum CNC turning diameter is Ø250X2000mm

The CNC wire eroder capacity is up to 600x400mm

Download our fact sheet on our CNC capability